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On May 1, 2022, a new Canadian regulation concerning the manufacture and sale of corded blinds came into force. This law aims to increase the safety of children and pets by eliminating cords within their reach that may pose a strangulation hazard.

What is this new law?

According to this regulation, the lifting mechanisms (ropes, cords, strings, chains or cables) with which certain blinds are fitted, whether free or not, must not exceed 22 cm in length. In other words, a free rope must not measure more than 22 cm, just like a rope fixed in certain places, the distance between 2 points of contact must also not exceed 22 cm. Regarding ropes that form a loop, the perimeter of this loop must not exceed 44 cm.

The law only applies to window coverings sold on or after May 1, 2022; it therefore does not concern the equipment that you have already installed in your residence. As the regulation was introduced for a safety issue, we nevertheless encourage you to replace your old canvases, or, at the very least, to pay particular attention to their installation to ensure that they are installed safely, in particular by ensuring that the ropes are out of the reach of children and animals.

How has the industry adapted to the new regulations on corded blinds?

The necessary adjustments allow us to innovate while ensuring the safety of children. Several products from our Discount and Premium Blinds ranges have been modified to comply with the new regulations, while retaining their look and characteristics. In short, our online store now offers a range of modern and accessible, custom-designed and affordable products that comply with industry standards.

When shopping, you will find (depending on the type of product selected) several options for safe lifting mechanisms:

  1. automatic lift
  2. motorization (with lever included)
  3. control stick

And don't worry, changes made to our canvases and curtains will have no impact on their appearance or on your budget. Blinds Rabais remains your online destination for purchasing custom blinds at competitive prices.

Ascent without rope: focus on accessibility

If, once the canvas or blind is installed, the lifting mechanism is out of your reach (because it is too high), we advise you to opt for a motorized system that you can activate using a joystick provided purchase. In your case, this system will be preferable to an automatic lift, which must be operated manually.

Automatic or motorized: top quality lifts

Our products are designed by experts and manufactured to exacting quality standards. Motorized window coverings are becoming more and more popular and are the number one choice for many of our customers. In addition to giving a sober and modern appearance to your solar, alternating or opaque shades, the motorization allows you to control the brightness remotely. An investment that saves time… and saves energy! Are you interested in new technologies? We are constantly looking for new ways to make your life easier, at low prices. Visit our website for the latest advances in window coverings.

Support for dressing your windows

Doubts, hesitations, questions?

For your general questions or those related to the regulation on chain or cord window coverings, do not hesitate to contact our customer service agents by telephone, email or chat . They will be happy to guide you!

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