How to measure sheers and curtains

You don’t need to hire a professional to do this.


Take the total measurement in inches of the width of the wall to be covered (do not make a deduction) .
Ceiling installation:
Take the total height from floor to ceiling without making any deductions. We recommend taking the height measurement at 3 different places and entering the smallest measurement of the 3.
Wall installation:
For wall installation, measure the desired height.
Determine if you want to have an opening in your sheer / curtain. If so, you have the option of choosing the desired width for each of the panels. By default, if you select the “2 panels” option the total width will be divided in two.
Enter your width and height measurements on the site on the page of the chosen product.

For sheers / curtains in 3 panels and more, we invite you to contact customer service at, we will be able to help you.


For perpendicular walls , make a deduction of 3 inches for each of the rails.

For ceilings / walls with a molding (Ogee style) prioritize wall installation by measuring the height from the floor to the molding.


For width measurements between 0 and 90 inches, the rail will arrive in one piece. For width measurements over 90 inches, the rail will be cut into 2 or 3 pieces depending on the total width and can be easily linked using the connectors provided. If you prefer to receive the rail in one piece and it exceeds 90 inches in width, contact us we may be able to accommodate your request with additional charge.


Make sure that the curtains / curtains will not be installed near a heat source to avoid fire (eg electric baseboards). It is your responsibility to ensure that the installation of the sheer / curtain will be safe.